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Transformation for our Nation & Beyond

Can you imagine what our nation will look like when 100 million Americans are living out the biblical values that guided our nation’s greatest heroes?

Imagine if our generation reclaimed the Bible’s vision for religious liberty, justice, freedom, and unity. You can help bring that future to life and add your family's name to the growing list of families standing for Faith and Liberty in our nation.

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“Your teachings are sweeter than honey.... Your word is a lamp that gives light wherever I walk.”
PSALM 119:103, 105 (CEV)

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Stand with Heros of Faith and Liberty

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Partner - Individual

Giving Level: $1,000


  • 1 Lifetime Ticket to the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center
  • A Faith and Liberty Bible
  • Advance Notice to all Discovery Center Events
  • Limited Edition membership Card
  • Subscription to the Discovery Center Newsletter
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Partner - Family

Giving Level: $2,500

All benefits of Individual Level, plus:

  • 3 more Lifetime Tickets to the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center
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Giving Level: $5,000

All benefits of previous levels, plus:

  • Your Name Permanently Displayed on Concourse Level Donor Wall
  • 10% Discount in the Discovery Center Gift Store for Life
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Giving Level: $10,000

All benefits of previous levels, plus:

  • Your Name Permanently Displayed on Ground Floor Donor Wall
  • Two Tickets to the Discovery Center Grand Opening Event

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Giving Level: $25,000

All benefits of previous levels, plus:

  • Two VIP Tickets to the Discovery Center Grand Opening Event
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Hannah Callowhill Penn Circle

Giving Level: $50,000

All benefits of previous levels, plus:

  • Commemorative Word Sculpture Statuette recognizing membership
  • Private lunch for 4 (four) with the Executive Director of the Faith and Liberty

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William Penn Society

Giving level: $100,000

All benefits of previous levels, plus:

Five Signed Faith and Liberty Scholar Books Including:

-Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers - Dreisbach
-Sacred Scripture, Sacred War - Byrd
-William Penn: A Life - Murphy
-God of Liberty - Kidd
-American Zion - Shalev

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Naming Opportunities

Giving level: $250,000 and above

All benefits of previous levels, plus sponsorship recognition for the area selected.

Please see remaining opportunities below.

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A rendering of the outside of the FLDC.

You can inspire a new generation of leaders to live out the Bible’s vision for liberty, justice, and human flourishing.

We invite you to join our growing alliance of faithful partners in this historic endeavor to reconnect our nation with God’s Word. Thank you for prayerfully considering how you and your family might participate in one of the most strategic ministry endeavors in American Bible Society’s 200+ year history.

You can build a legacy that will shape the spiritual future of our nation. And for every dollar you give, the American Bible Society Board of Directors will make a matching contribution, doubling the impact of your partnership.

Why here? Why now? Why us?

America was founded on the Bible. In fact, many of the same people who founded our great nation founded American Bible Society. They believed God’s Word was foundational to American values of faith, unity, and liberty. Like them, we feel called to action in a key moment in our nation’s history. Right now, our country’s greatest need aligns with our greatest mission: to rediscover God’s saving light through his Word.

On this fertile ground of our nation’s founding, we hope to reawaken Americans of all backgrounds to our nation’s most precious treasure.

We strive to work alongside our nation’s leaders to bring about an immersive Bible experience unlike anything we’ve seen before on our country’s most historic block—an experience that will help turn our nation back to the great book on which it was founded.

A portrait of Elias Budinot, obtained from Wikipedia
Elias Boudinot

President of the First Continental Congress and 2nd Director of the U.S. Mint

Image Source
A portrait of John Jay, obtained from Wikipedia
John Jay

First Supreme Court Justice

Image Source
A portrait of Richard Verick, obtained from Wikipedia
Richard Verick

Mayor of New York City

Image Source

From Fellow Partners

“We don’t have to shy away from discussing the biblical influences on the Founding Fathers, because they are essential to understanding our constitutional history.”
Jeffrey Rosen
President and CEO of the National Constitution Center
“We are confident in the vision and abilities of our partners at the FLDC and look forward to working with them in the advancement of this and other projects well into the future.”
Fr. Robert Sirico
President, Acton Institute
“The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center complements our existing museums and provides us with an additional recognition of the importance of faith to the foundation of our country.”
William R. Sasso
Chairman, Stradley Ronon
“Thank you Roy and American Bible Society for setting a stake in the ground right here across the street from the Liberty Bell. We can’t be more excited. We are honored to be a part and to cheer you on and we believe in all you are doing here.”
Mart Green
CEO, Mardel Christian and Education
“There has never been a more important time for Americans to rediscover their religious heritage. The FLDC is one of the most strategic opportunities to help future generations explore the biblical roots of the liberties and freedoms we enjoy.”
David Wills
National Christian Foundation President Emeritus
“I want to spend my time on earth making a difference—for this generation and the next. I believe the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center can make that difference.”
Linda Bean
Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine & L.L. Bean
“This Discovery Center opens up an opportunity for everything that visits to see the history of our great city of Philadelphia—but also show how the Bible impacted…the men and women that shaped the beliefs of our country.”
Doug Pederson
Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles

Naming Opportunities

The following areas in the center remain available to be funded and will honor your family's contribution. Contact us to learn more.

Lounge & Takeaway Tables

Cutting-edge touchscreen tables allow guests to customize beautiful gifts.

Learn More
Rare Artifacts Cases

Treasure cases throughout the galleries display artifacts of significant religious and historical impact, such as Hellen Keller’s Bible.

Learn More
Liberty's Light

Life-like media projections will amaze guests as they step into inspiring stories from Philadelphia’s history.

Learn More
The Beauty of Unity

Guests will reflect on the inspirational content collected in their digital lamps.

Learn More
The Pursuit of Justice

Interactive displays and inspiring imagery will show how Americans have looked to the Bible for guidance amid conflicts such as slavery, voting rights, war, and immigration.

Learn More
A Great Awakening

Innovative preachers, such as George Whitefield, inspired American colonists to engage the Scriptures without an intermediary.

Learn More
A Holy Experiment in Philadelphia

The Bible inspired William Penn with the vision for a new American colony defined by religious liberty and brotherly love.

Learn More
Platform and Entertainment Stage

A stage in the heart of the public garden serves as an outdoor classroom and is the perfect venue for small concerts.

Learn More

Guests receive a handheld digital lamp, which they use to interact and engage throughout their experience.

Learn More
Words Sculpture

The sculpture's three intertwined surfaces represent the three documents essential to the founding of the United States.

Learn More